imageOver the last little while, we’ve been quietly, methodically and diabolically building a keg mountain in the most secret corner of our walk in fridge. This mysterious collection of individual ales is marked only with a simple note that says: RESERVED FOR VOLO. Do not touch!

A tap takeover at Volo has been in the cards for sometime, the question was only a matter of when — when would we finally have 26 unique beers to fill their extensive tap collection? It definitely took a bit of time and planning, but we’re excited to announce that the whole question of when has finally been answered. We’re ready!

Not only will we be pouring crowd pleasers like Wizard Wolf and Roman Candle, but also old favourites like the Smoked Rhubarb Mashpipe, Lost River Baltic Porter, Cuvee De Grandma’s Boy, and Omertá.

Get your pencils sharpened, because here are the details:


A Day of Soul, Reggae, and Bellwoods Beer @ Volo, August 24th

Session 1 — 12pm-4pm (Tickets)

Session 2 — 5pm-9pm (Tickets)

Session 3 — 9pm-2am (No Tickets/$5 Entrance)

Tickets are on sale now (here), and the $25 price includes admission, a beer booklet, and one drink ticket. 

A few more specific details: Only Bellwoods beers will be served on this day. BarVolo will not be open for regular business. Event is CASH ONLY, an ATM is available downstairs (19+). Like previous Volo takeover events beers will be available by the 1/4 pint (1 token) and 1/2 pint (2 tokens). Tokens can be purchased at the door (1 token is $4.00, includes tax)

In addition to the 26 beers on draft, we’ll also be tapping 6 casks, and popping a selection of reserve bottles. This is definitely the most extensive single line up of our beers to date, and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase them all at one time. With a total of at least 32 different beers to sample, we send you forth with only one piece of advice: choose wisely!

So if we don’t see you at some point on the 24th, the assumption will naturally be that you are either: A) in labour, B) in orbit, C) doing your hair that day, or D) all of the above. Of course, “D” is the most respected excuse.

Buy a compass, avoid heavy lifting the week before, and carb-load at breakfast, ‘cause this is going to be a marathon. Through some Darwinian chain of events, you are practically ensuring that your children will become successful brewers by attending this event. It’s science. Don’t mess with it.