Simple Math: Pralined Pears

Pear dessert
Pear dessert

It's been a little while since we politely urged you to drink beer and eat food together, but the seasons are changing, and our menu too -- so let us return to our Simple Math pairings once again, to talk desserts.

Sometimes it's nice to enjoy the simplicity of drinking a velvety stout or porter as dessert, but at others, one must ask, "Who am I to deny the temptations of modern excess?". In these times of deep contemplation, we may discover that combining a delicious beer with a delicious dessert is the key that will finally unlock the door to fulfillment.

And the path to fulfillment is paved and waiting, my friends, because when you drink a glass of Bounty Hunter Strong Porter with Coconut and Vanilla (known around these parts as "Cocopo") alongside our new poached pears, with English custard, crushed praline, whipped cream, and shaved chocolate, you are momentarily teleported to an alternate universe where anxieties have been completely eradicated. And let me tell you, it's a nice universe.

So c'mon now. Do it, you'll feel better!

Pralined Pears now offered in the brewpub. Bounty Hunter too until the stores run out...