Simple Math: Tomato Salad

Simple Math Tomato
Simple Math Tomato

After taking a week off and then promptly following it with a long weekend, I returned to work with the distinct impression that a salad, with actual vegetables, would be a great life choice. Luckily for me, our chef is able to communicate telepathically and psychically, anticipating not only the culinary needs and wants of Toronto at large, but also those of my tiny pea brain. And because we all know that food loves the company of drink, I thought, what better time to whip up one of our strongly worded Simple Math 'encouragements' to put 2 and 2 together?

But first, ask yourself, am I human? Do I live on planet Earth? Will I fight for the army of deliciousness? If you answered yes to all three questions like any self-respecting person would, then you are on the right track. Please proceed to paragraph #3, where we finally arrive at the point of this meandering message.

We feel [quite strongly] that it would be in your best interest to order our fresh and delicious tomato salad with a bright glass of Wizard Wolf. The salad, made with heirloom Ontario tomatoes, croutons, red onion and basil, capers, white anchovy, and pecorino fresco dressed simply with olive oil, and a little salt and pepper, is simple but delicious. To balance the range of fresh, acidic, and salty flavours of the salad -- without overpowering it -- we find that the lightly hoppy Wizard Wolf, characterized by subtle citrus and pine notes, is a real winner.

So stop denying what you know in your heart to be true...just drink a Wizard Wolf, eat a tomato salad and welcome the light into your life.