SIMPLE MATH: White Picket Fence


Based on our extensive and painstaking, personal research over the years, we've found that delicious beer is often complimented by delicious food. Not rocket surgery, but the truth nonetheless. And though we'd love to tell you that drinking our beers is all it takes to be transported to an alternate paradisiacal universe, those perfect moments when daily stresses melt away are often much more circumstantial. When that long-awaited pint of beer finally arrives before you, it definitely helps to be seated on a small patio, in beautiful weather, with friends perhaps, and eating a delicious meal that our chef Jay imagineered.

May I welcome you to the inaugural "SIMPLE MATH" post, a series where we'll outline a Bellwoods beer and plate of food, that when combined, inspire you to punctuate your sentences with exclamation points. It's fun! Really! Try it! And so on!

Today's Simple Math couples a new and revised, slightly tart White Picket Fence (the first of the season!), with the latest dish to hit our menu: Warm Chickpeas. Chickpeas served with salty dehydrated black olives, dried cherries, shaved cauliflower, sauteed wild leeks and a sunflower/lemon vinaigrette is real tasty, vegan (though you'd never know it), and when you slap down a pint of White Picket with it, lemme tell you, you are laughing!

So if we see you this weekend, looking relaxed and happy on the patio, we'll assume you've got a Belgian wheat beer and some modest legumes to thank.