SIMPLE MATH: Wizard Wolf

Wizard Wolf
Wizard Wolf

We're back again with another Simple Math post, another egregious suggestion that beer is delicious when paired with food. I know what you're thinking -- These guys! With all their opinions! Yeesh!

And now that emotions are running high let's get right into it. This Buffalo Chicken Sausage is a real thing of beauty. It brings together all the delicious aspects of eating spicy chicken wings and then presents it to you in a neat sausage form, sans bones. Our version, in addition to buttermilk blue cheese dressing and compressed celery and red onion, is also served with a creamy carrot purée that really seals the deal.

After you execute the genius idea that is ordering this beaut, we recommend a beer that's a bit little lighter, but not without a hoppy punch. Our Wizard Wolf, weighing in at 4.8% with tons of fresh and citrusy hop aroma, will do just the trick. The hops help to combat the spiciness of the sausage, but the beer is still light enough to refresh the palate (or your weary mind).

So do yourself a favour and witness the holy matrimony of chicken and pale ale. Until death do them part.