So You Think You Can Brew?

Is your precious freezer space taken up almost entirely by hops? Do you have an army of fermenting carboys at home? Is the sound of a bubbling airlock music to your ears? Do you like blog posts structured like infomercials? If you answered yes to (most of) these questions, it's likely that you fancy yourself a home brewer. It's also likely that you'll be particularly interested in the following announcement: This summer we're hosting our first-ever Home brewing Competition!

With both patrons and employees of Bellwoods counting themselves among the patient, resourceful, and creative community known as home brewers, we figured now was as good a time as any to open our mash tun to experimentation. We know first-hand how exciting it can be to see a beer through, not just from grain to glass, but from tiny spark of an idea to glass -- and we'd like to make this process possible to one lucky and/or cut-throat winner.

Inspired by the gladiator death matches popularized in the Roman Empire and anxiety ridden culinary competitions of the original Iron Chef Japan, we're bringing you a ruthless battle to the top of the spent grain heap. Who will be the master of malts? The yeast whisperer? The head honcho of hops? But moreover, who will put an end to the suffering that is my blog post full of asinine questions? Help me help you.

Home brewing Competitions are pretty self-explanatory, but let's discuss the nitty gritty details of ours:

- The competition is open to anyone over the legal drinking age

- We'll accept home brewed beer samples (2 bottles, any size) from May 25th-June1st 2015 in the Bellwoods Brewery bottle shop (126 Ossington Ave).

-The bottle should be marked in some fashion with your name, the beer's name, and the beer style. Make sure you fill out a registration form when you drop off your beer.

- The samples will be judged the following week and a winner will be announced on June 5th.

- Unlike most home brew competitions that follow BJCP guidelines, the beers will be judged on the yum, wow-factor, and we-want-to-brew-this scales.

- The winning beer must be brewed and packaged on a home brew set up, not at a contract facility, or by a professional brewer.

- The winning beer will be scaled up (we reserve the right to make minor adjustments based on our equipment and ingredients) to a 700L batch.

- The winning home brewer will get to come in for the brew day (where they will promptly be put to work), likely scheduled for some time in the late summer.

- The recipe cannot involve barrel-aging, but various wild yeasts and bacteria are game for experimentation.

- The winning beer will be kegged and served on draft (while supplies last).

- Maximum of 3 entries per person.

We'll be sure to update and remind you about deadlines as the weeks go on. Feel free to email if you have any questions.