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bellwoods brewery
bellwoods brewery

Though we tend to be a rather non-sentimental, curmudgeonly bunch that chooses to work straight through the holidays rather than stopping to smell the fruitcake, we're still aware that it's nice to have something to look forward to amid the polar vortex (yes, it's baaaaack!). And despite our self-proclaimed scrooge-status, we're definitely not above a few half-baked elf analogies to get the festivus cheer flowing. So as you reluctantly reach for your parkas and crank the furnace up, feast your eyes on a rare Bellwoods update of what's been happening in the toy workshop, and what that means for the days ahead.

We've spoken before about the complications involved with making guarantees, especially when you're as petite as us. Guarantees don't allow for glycol malfunctions, pump breakages, or unforeseen arctic tundra 'issues' (you try getting the forklift out on an ice rink), and therefore we err on the side of safety, also known as last-minute announcements. But questions have been storming into our inboxes and beer lovers, understandably, want us to at least throw them a bone now and again. So, folks, here's throwing...

-This past week we bottled our second batch of Lambda ever. If y'all don't remember Lambda, I'll refresh your memory by telling you that it was a rich brett barrel aged quad we released early this year. At a year old with notes of sherry, port, red grape, caramel, and a strong brett nose, this unconventional beer sold way too quickly. The current batch, with a slightly toned down sweetness, is in bottles conditioning and preparing for release in early January.

-Let us remember that Toronto's 6 month winter is also our Witching Hours season. For the first two hours of service everyday, regular Bellwoods pints are $1-1.50 off!

-On Monday we'll be packaging an old favourite that's been on vacation for too long -- Brettal Head returns to the bottle shop! The mystical horned goat always sells out at light speed, so snowshoe on over.

-The packaging of Brettal will get the ball rolling for a busy week ahead. Sandwiched between Monday and Friday we'll be brewing some serious heavy hitters: Farmageddon, Donkey Venom, and Baltic are up on the schedule. The first two will obviously be destined for barrels, while the third is ready to enjoy just as soon as it's done fermenting.

-Everyone and their dog has been asking about Grandma's Boy in bottles (seriously though, why is your dog drinking alcohol?). This one will come out early enough to be in your stocking! Tell Santa what he needs to know.

-Information about this next beer has been closely guarded, but we'll say that a bit of Motley development will go down in the next two weeks. The blending of a few key barrels is taking place, and setting the tone for next year's anniversary release.

-Just so that I don't spill the beans on every exciting announcement, I'll keep quiet about the fruit and spice additions in this year's Blitzen release. This one will also emerge pre-Christmas.

Alright, alright, that's enough! Don't say I never gave you anything.