Some (Strong) Considerations For The Weekend

If all this dreary rain in Toronto is signalling the opening ceremonies to the Seasonal Affective Disorder parade in your brain, then we’ve got just the thing for you! Stop watching all those HBO dramas that cause your anxiety to sky rocket and make your way to the brewery because today we release 3 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT!!!

Our celebrated imperial stout barrel-aged with cherries is on sale for the first time (in bottles and on draft) since Cask Days 2012! What originated as an experimental cask has blossomed (much like a cherry tree, no?) into a favourite around these parts. Rich, fruity, and so so smooth, 3 Minutes to Midnight is the perfect night cap on these cooler evenings. Pair it with chocolate [anything] for guests and you’ll have everyone thinking you’re some kind of gourmet magician. It’s like a facelift for food. And we don’t even put MSG in the grain bill!

And if that doesn’t do it for you, we have an awesome variety of bottled beers in the retail store right now. In addition to 3 Minutes, there’s also Wizard Wolf (Dry Hopped Session Ale), White Picket Fence (Bottle Conditioned Belgian Wit), Farmageddon (Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Classic), Witchshark (Imperial IPA), Grizzly Beer (American Brown Ale), and Hellwoods (Russian Imperial Stout). 

Now go on and have yourself a weekend!