Spring Cleaning


Unlike January when we all say we're gonna change our ways, and then don't, it tends to be those first spring weekends with sun when we finally feel inspired to take care of business. Here at the brewery we've been tackling those odd jobs that often get swept under the rug brewpad -- things like painting, staining, and pretty much any random task that involves a drill. This past weekend at home I successfully threw out a random assortment of crap I once deemed worthy or purchasing, and so it seems, all that's left to organize are any pertinent announcements for you, thy beer-loving people.

1. BARN OWL First things first, today (TODAY!) we're releasing Barn Owl Blend No.1, the first beer in our new barrel-aged series. Bottles are currently in the retail store, there are just over 2500 in existence, and the limit per person is 8. Read the blog post HERE and enjoy!

2. GUIDED TASTINGS Due to popular demand we'll be continuing with our brewer-lead Guided Tastings throughout the summer months, but let it be known that the dates up for grabs are not too plentiful (so act swiftly). These sessions run on Tuesday evenings only, from 5-6:30pm and include 4 draft samples, charcuterie & cheese, and a delicious selection from our Bellwoods reserve bottle list. Spots are $35/person, with a max of 8 per tasting, and you can email brewer@bellwoodsbrewery.com (be sure to indicate which date you'd prefer and how many people you're booking) to snatch them up. We'll be taking bookings until the end of July.

3. NEW SPRING/SUMMER HOURS The weather doesn't suck anymore and 'patio' has become a verb, so the brewpub is open earlier on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Here are the details on record:

Sunday 12-12 // Monday 5-12 // Tuesday 5-12 // Wednesday 5-12 // Thursday 5-1 // Friday (NOW OPEN FOR LUNCH) 2-1 // Saturday 12-1

Our retail store, as per usual, is open everyday from 11am - 11pm.

4. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE On the topic of beer and spring cleaning, and at the risk of stating the obvious, we beg that you recycle your bottles, 4 pack carriers, and throw out any other garbage, rather than leaving them in public parks. We know that we can't control your actions once you leave Bellwoods, but we're asking nicely, IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, that you don't leave empty bottles anywhere other than a recycling bin. We're aware that some people are in the habit of leaving their bottles for friendly park collectors, but seeing as they don't get any money for our bottles at the beer store (we don't charge a deposit), our bottles are often left behind while all others get snatched up. We're gonna be bold and say that it's best if you just walk those 20 steps and dispose of it yourself. Many many thank yous!

5. MOM BEER Last but certainly not least, we'll be tapping two extra special kegs on Sunday in honour of all those tireless, hardworking moms out there. Farmageddon batch #8 (pouring for the 1st time ever!) and one other keg that shall remain a secret for now, will be on tap and up for grabs on the big day. And sure, flowers are nice and all, but they're much less delicious than a frosty glass of beer on a sunny patio. Come on down to the tank farm with mom and enjoy a fancy beer to say thanks.