Spring Season Guided Tastings

Despite my desire not to jinx anything, it seems as though we've made it through one of the worst winters in history. The lasting daylight mixed with positive temperatures (even 1 degree celsius has got us making Miami analogies) form an enticing cocktail worth leaving our hibernation dens for. Can we get an amen for daylight savings?

Collectively we endured a near-death experience, and now that relief and joy are starting to settle in, we figure, as we often do, that it's time to treat yourself to a much-deserved beer.

Our brewer-lead Guided Tastings have been going strong since October of last year, and lucky for you, we're opening up reservations for our spring sessions (April-May) today! For those scratching their heads right about now, Guided Tastings are our take on a brewery tour -- but they're a bit different than most. Each week we sit down in the mezzanine overlooking the brewery to taste some draft beers, pop a couple reserve bottles, eat charcuterie, and share our thoughts about the day-to-day organized chaos of running a small brewery. We've been lucky enough to entertain a pretty eclectic bunch thus far, with the groups ranging from brewers, to beer nerds, to entire families, solo flyers, coworkers, couples, homebrewers, and even some who start off saying they hate beer! At the end of the day, the tastings are open to anyone and everyone, and we end up having a lot of fun.

As we enter into a very busy time of year, packed with travel, brewing seminars, homebrew competitions, and long-awaited barrel-aged beer releases, we'll have a bit less time than in the winter. This translates to fewer Guided Tasting sessions, but there are still several dates you can scoop up.

Reservations ($35 per person) for the 5-6:30pm Guided Tastings can be for up to 8 people (though solos and couples are fine by us as well) and you get those by emailing brewer@bellwoodsbrewery.com. The best way to do it? Put "Guided Tasting" as your subject header, and both your first and second choices for dates in the body.

And now for the dates that are up for grabs:

We'll start booking right...now!

UPDATE: The spring session Guided Tastings are all booked up. Stay tuned for details on future tastings or email brewer@bellwoodsbrewery.com to put your name on the cancellation list.