Suddenly The Impending Doom Of Winter Doesn't Seem So Bad


There are, of course, the usual things to be thankful for as we approach this fall holiday jam-packed with decorative gourds and exorbitant calories. Off the top of my head I can think of, wifi, our staff coffee maker, and celebrity twitter accounts — though if you were thinking beer or cup holder armrests, I completely agree. 

And speaking of beer, which we often do around here, the bottle availability in the retail store right now is seriously caliente. The fact of the matter is that with Fall comes a slightly less chaotic patio scene, which in turn gives us a chance to catch up and replenish the stores. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift to present at your Thanksgiving dinner party, stop by the retail store and grab a selection. 

But I have even better news! As of Monday morning when you’re sweating out pumpkin pie, a new seasonal promotion will be in effect. Thirsty minds, I introduce to you, The Witching Hours.

This magical event emits warm fuzzy sunshine rays that feel like teddy bear hugs, but if that doesn’t sum it up for you, the sign says it all:

For the first two hours of service, every day of the week (October - April), the majority of our beer will be sold at $5 - $6 TAXES INCLUDED. For example, a Wizard Wolf will be $5 instead of $6.50, and Witchshark will be $6 instead of $7.50. So put that in your cornucopia and, I don’t know, do whatever it is you do with a cornucopia…

And as the icing on this good news cake, starting October 14th we’ll also be selling some of our nicer bottled beers in the restaurant too — Motley Cru, Blitzen (2012 gold medal winning version), Bring Out Your Dead, and No Sleep Till Brooklyn. If you didn’t have a chance to buy a bottle when they were released (or, perhaps, you already drank the ones you bought) you can enjoy them in the restaurant alongside a giant pork chop!

Many thanks from Bellwoods to all you beer lovers this festive weekend, and we’ll see you on Monday with the beginning of The Witching Hours!