Praise the lord Jesus! The sun did not get lost somewhere out in the universe. It’s here! Shining on us! And though it’s been such a long time that some of you may not remember what exactly it is, I want to give you this message: Do not be afraid, (as long as you put some damn SPF on, this is not 1950 anymore) it comes in peace.

And the funny thing about that fiery ball of euphoric light suspended up there, is that it pairs really well with beer. In my humble opinion I think that any beer pairs with any sun but just in case you were hoping for the tried and true combinations, we’ve got some light and drinkable releases coming your way.

First up, the ever popular White Picket Fence. This Belgian Wit made its debut last summer, and became a fast hit on the patio. One of the lightest beers we’ve brewed to date (at 4.8%), the 2013 version has changed slightly, actually becoming a bit more traditional with the addition of toasted coriander seeds and fresh orange peel. Light and refreshing with subtle citrusy notes, this brew is easy like a Sunday morning. Enjoy it on draft, or [repitched with champagne yeast and bottle conditioned!] from the retail store.

A brand new brew we’ve just added to our line up is the Hoppy Hefeweizen. This is our take on the classic German hefeweizen style, dry hopped with the American hop varieties Amarillo and Simcoe to create citrusy aromatics. At 5.1% this is still quite a sessionable brew, with lots of effervescence and a subtle bitter hoppy finish. Highly requested as a style, and incredibly refreshing (I know we always say that but try to prove us wrong!). 

These two styles are available currently on draft in the restaurant, and in 500ml bottle format in the retail store. There are, however, a few more returning fruit beers slated for release in the next two months that you should definitely get excited about.

You may remember the collaboration we did with Jeppe from Evil Twin last summer that sold out way too quickly. Fruit Helmut was an American pale ale brewed with mangoes and apricots, slightly hoppy and incredibly drinkable. A favourite among both the staff and patrons, it was just too delicious not to brew again! We plan to change up the fruits in coming years, but for the June 2013 release you can expect the popular mango apricot duo.

Our Berliner Weisse with fresh fruit syrup was very well loved last summer as well, so this year we’ve decided to devote an entire fermentor to them! For those of you who didn’t have a chance to sample this sessionable brew, our Berliners are a low-alcohol, sour wheat beer fermented with German yeast. We add smoked malt to create something in between a regular Berliner Weisse and a Lichtenhainer (smoked sour 100% wheat beer) weisse. Traditionally they’re served with raspberry or woodruff syrup, but we’re taking a step out of the equation (think instant cake mix) and adding the fruit directly to the fermenting beer. Some flavours we’re trying out are: rhubarb, strawberry and basil, and guava. 

And last but not least, we will be bringing back Omertà! Originally brewed for the Beer 4 Boobs breast cancer fundraiser, this pink-hued blood orange pale ale sold out of the retail store in just 3 days. The response at the event and in the brewpub was so positive that we’ve decided to brew it for the summer, but this time in a bigger fermentor so there’ll be lots to go around. 

And now that I’ve taken a sufficient chunk of your time to talk about BEER BEER BEER I will let you get back to your regularly scheduled program of trying to read blogs discreetly at work. And yes, this was a tad long to get through, but just be grateful that I didn’t spend as much time and effort keeping you up to date with the Kardashian’s recent vacation to Greece. Or Kimye’s seemingly endless pregnancy. Because I definitely could.

So come on down to the ol’ tank farm and git yerself a fresh bottle or pint, or both — whatever floats your proverbial summer boat. Just make sure you get the boat floating…if that means anything?

(ps - these beers go really really well with fries I AM JUST LETTING YOU KNOW).