Sunsplash Tap Takeover Additional Info

A couple of quick announcements to clarify the Sunsplash event:

Bar Volo has just released some additional info about the tap takeover on the 24th! Due to the nature of our beers (they have such a huge range of alcohol content) Volo has decided to separate them into two categories: a regular category (that includes most IPAs and sessionable styles) and a specialty category (that includes the high ABV, barrel-aged, and sour beers). The prices originally quoted for the event only reflect that of the specialty category. 

One mistake to correct is that the price of admission includes 5 drink tokens, not 1 as previously stated.

Tokens are valued at $2.50 (tax in) and 10oz half pints are valued at $5-7.50 (tax in) depending on the category. 

Matthew Duffy and Aiden Galligan of Cafe Boulud will be cooking up Carribean food to compliment the beers!

See you there!