Survival Guide


The chaos of December's holiday season is much like a choose-your-own-adventure novel. Through a predictable series of turns, the story guides you to that inevitable fork in the road: Turn to page 37 if you decide to get your last minute shopping done at Bellwoods, Turn to page 666 if you somehow thought it wise to pass up option number 1, and would prefer to wander aimlessly in the hellish Eaton Centre with your finger up your nose.

I think your path is clear.

So yes, perhaps it's a bit typical to put together a gift guide of sorts, but when you're sitting in your in-law's living room handing them a Grade A impressive doozy of a gift -- trust us, you won't be worried about how common your predicament is. Instead, you'll be patting yourself on the back, sipping your coffee with Baileys, high-fiving the family dog, and whispering prayers of thanks to sweet baby Jesus for the foresight to pick up some beer and beer-related goodies. Let us tell you about a few great ideas that we'll let you take credit for as your own...

1. A bottle or two of Farmageddon Brett Barrel Aged Saison. Farmageddon batch #7 is in our retail store now (but never for long) and it's a deliciously refined thing of beauty. Made using a blend of barrels ranging from 6 months to over a year, this dry Saison balances light funky flavours with soft notes of stone fruit on the palate, back notes of vanilla oak, and finishes velvety smooth. We bottle condition this style of beer with Champagne yeast which, in addition to being a tid bit of knowledge to share with your friends, creates a fine, effervescent carbonation that easily calls for a special occasion. Gift this one to lovely hosts, hostesses, or that neighbour you've never really taken the effort to get to know (aside from that one time you needed to borrow their ladder).

2. Bellwoods branded glassware. Nothing says beer nerd like #properglassware, and luckily we've got quite the selection. Small and large tulips branded with the red bell are great for all of our beers, but the long-stemmed wine glasses with rows of tiny black and white bells? Those are the flashy ones you want to whip out when you're enjoying one of our special release or bottle conditioned beers. Truth be told, a Stay Classy just tastes classier in stemware, so no judgement from us if you start drinking OJ from it too. Gift our glassware to your partner or friend who knows way more about beer than you do, and watch in delight as they fist pump. Success is yours.

3. Wizard Wolf crew neck sweatshirt. In case you haven't noticed, the weather outside is frightful. But guess what's delightful? Stuff that protects you against the elements. I used to think that nice gifts had to be expensive or ostentatious to some extent, but let's be honest -- you sprout some greys, you can't stay awake past 10pm, and suddenly, a sweatshirt is like the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever given to you. Gift this one to me, your best pal, or mom and pops.

4. Bellwoods Brewery tote bag. Speaking of useful stuff, this totebag (with an inner divider to keep 6 beers safe and cozy) is the jam. Simple, small, reusable and easy to fold up when you're not using it, this is a great gift for any repeat offenders at the bottle shop.

5. Posters! The amazing team at Kid Icarus screen prints the beautiful custom Doublenaut designed beer labels on posters for all of you to display in your homes. From Catherine Wheel to Wizard Wolf, Monogamy, and Witchshark, we've got upwards of 12 designs available in poster format. Gift this to anyone who appreciates amazing design, beer, or both.

All the top notch gifts mentioned are available in our brewery retail store (126 Ossington Ave), but for those hard-to-read types there are always gift cards or good ol' 4 packs of beer. And remember that until December 22nd you're also able to buy select t-shirts, sweatshirts, and posters in our online pop-up shop that ships all over Canada.