Tanks 'R' Us


Just like proud parents on the first day of kindergarten, we were there to snap countless phone pictures when our tanks arrived early this week. And despite the fact that there's no electricity to the building yet (hello mood lighting), or proper bathrooms (porta-potties to the rescue), it's beginning to look a lot like a brewery up at our Hafis Rd production facility. The brewhouse is already in place, the bottler arrives next week, and then it'll be time to get down to business -- whipping out our Allen keys and tightening any loose screws, right?


Of course, these days when we travel back and forth between the two locations, eventually ending up at the Ossington brewpub at the end of the day, things do feel rather miniature and cute. We can reach the doors on the fermenters all by ourselves! The brewhouse doesn't have long walkways! Our offices are overturned kegs in a crowded hallway beside the chef's potato storage!

What you're catching glimpses of here are 10 Canadian-made tanks from NSI: 6 fermentors, 2 brights, and a couple of water vessels. Next step, (address one million highly necessary tasks that'll likely bring us to mid/late July and then) fill 'em up.

20 Hafis rd