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Guided Tastings
Guided Tastings

Our brewery blog can be a great setting for addressing our most frequently asked questions. In the past we've tackled such queries as "Why Don't You Make Normal Beers", "What Do You Mean This Hop Tastes Like A Tree?", and "How Long Will This Brewskie Last?". But we also use our discretion to weed out such potentially riveting blog posts as "Will You Hire Me?", "Can I Have Free Beer For Free?", and "Do You Have A Wizard Wolf T-shirt In A Medium?". The truth is, with time and experience, we've learned that some popular topics just lend themselves to the public forum better than others.

As you might imagine, we get a ton of requests for tours and tastings, but always explain to people that our wee brewery just isn't big enough for tours. Our entire brewing footprint is a mere 400 square feet, and because it's behind big windows, patrons sitting inside the pub are able to get a great view of the action. But the possibility of tastings is one we recently decided to revisit. Would people want to hear some of the stories behind our beers? Try a reserve bottle with a brewer? Or discuss our barreling process in a bit more detail? We think so. And that's why we're excited to announce the launch of our fancy new Guided Tastings!

Intended for those patrons looking to learn more about the fascinating world of fermented barley, delve a bit deeper into the brewing process, or just plan an unconventional outing with a small group of friends, our Guided Tastings are a chance for the beer maker to sit down with the beer drinker, and talk shop.

Let's get down to details:

- Our Guided Tastings will be held once a week, during the months when we honour Witching Hours (October-April), on Mondays from 5-6pm. Tastings begin at 5pm sharp! The front-of-house staff is busy setting up beforehand, so guests won’t we accommodated earlier than 5. Tasters are welcome to stay for longer afterwards, as the brewpub is open for regular business. - Does 5 sound a bit early? The truth is this is the only time when we can fit tastings with a real live brewer into our schedule, but rest assured, the brewpub is open 362 days a year and our servers are incredibly knowledgable about the beer and brewing process. Feel free to ask them lots of questions! - The tastings are open to groups of 2-8 people, and more than one group can be accommodated (ie. a group of 2 and a group of 4). More than that and we feel the brewer to patron ratio is askew. - You must reserve your spot! We'll book 2 months in advance, and beyond that names will be added chronologically to a waiting list. You'll receive a confirmation email once your spot is booked, and a reminder email a few days before your reservation. - Each tasting is lead by one of the brewers (or brewmaster!) who has personally created, brewed, and packaged the beer you’ll be sampling. - Tastings are $30/per person, and include four 4oz Bellwoods draft samples, 1 5oz Bellwoods Reserve Bottle Sample, and a Chef's Board to share (a selection of seasonal cured meats, terrines, salumis and fermented veg).

Email brewer@bellwoodsbrewery.com with the subject line "Guided Tastings" to get this show on the road. We'll kick off our first Guided Tasting on October 20th, and will begin to take reservations right...now!