The Days of Cask

You don't need to be a beer lover, aficionado, connoisseur, or nerd to know that the annual Cask Days festival is quickly approaching -- the excitement in the air is palpable. That, and perhaps you heard a loud bang when one of our casks blew up. (Not to worry though, we have a back up).

Before the festivities begin each year, I vow to dress more warmly, catch up with as many people as possible, and refrain from eating my weight in pretzels. Despite these well-meaning intentions, I'm often freezing my ass off, laughing with the Bellwoods crew while letting my agoraphobia flag fly, and eating pretzels until I hate myself (do I have to tell you how many times you live?). But I want to believe I can change, and everyone knows that the first step to achieving such lofty goals is to declare your plan of attack via your company's website.

So if we cross paths next weekend and I'm wearing a scarf, toque, and turtleneck while nibbling on a kale chip, give me a deserved high five. Then take a photo of my face and show it to the pretzel guy so he can ban me.

But enough of this self-deprecating routine, let's talk about 3 beers (our beers) that you should most definitely be drinking at ol' CD.

1. Farmageddon w/ Montmorency Cherries

This beer takes the prize for fastest selling Bellwoods Brewery release ever, and with good reason. We took a beer that we already loved, characterized by nuanced brett notes, and added Montmorency cherries from the Niagara region to elevate the fruity flavours. The beer is very much a brett saison, with subtle fruit accompaniments.

2. 3 Minutes to Midnight w/ Raspberry

This is a throwback to the first cask we ever made for the festival, and to our rich Hellwoods imperial stout we added raspberries instead of sour cherries. The resulting brew is like eating a piece of black forest cake. Need I say more?

3. Barn Owl Blend No.3

This is the newest barrel blend in our Barn Owl series, making an exclusive debut at Cask Days! This mixed fermentation farmhouse ale was aged in old use, oak barrels with a slurry of bugs and wild yeast. It combines young, fresh beer, 1 year barrel-aged beer, and a healthy dose of Ontario peaches.

And just based on a bright-eyed, early morning browse today, here a few (of the many) casks we're excited to try:

Four Winds Brewing Company Nectarous (Dry-hopped sour) -- Nectarous? I Need-tarous this in my life.

Sawdust City Co Damn!!!!!!! (Spicy Peanut Butter Stout) -- If you tell me it works I'll believe you.

Le Trou Du Diable Ze Blend (Dry hopped barrel aged sour) -- Anyone who replaces "The" with "Ze" is in my good books.

Dunham Saison Du Pinacle (Farmhouse Ale infused w/ fireweed flowers) -- Pinacle is already good, and I'm hoping fireweed flowers are the equivalent of the cherry on top.