The Key To Everything

Diligent newsletter subscribers already got the scoop about this Friday's special beer release, but if you've yet to say "I do" to a monthly email from half-wit brewers (you can sign up at the bottom of the page), let this be your heads up! Skeleton Key will grace the shelves of our bottles shop once again, and by once again, I mean this Friday, February 12th at 11am.

Here's the part of the blog post where I explain what Skeleton Key is, and if your eyes are rolling back in your head right now, having just finished emailing your parents to bribe them into accompanying you to the release so that your bottle max is increased, then by all means, skip this paragraph. But for those of you curious about the beer with the colourful parrot on the label, might I romance you with the description of a 12% velvety Russian imperial stout aged for a year in rum barrels, to which we add a blend of spices that includes cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger, all spice, and peppercorns.

After all the time it takes to brew a beer, transfer it to a fermentor, monitor fermentation, transfer it to barrels, monitor barrels, taste barrels, decide on a blend, transfer select barrels into a blending tank, carbonate it, bottle it, and label every bottle by hand, it feels incredibly rewarding to pour it into a glass and take the first sniff. When we wrangled everyone up to do our final tasting and quality control, the verdict was all gold stars: Skeleton Key 2016 is rich, balanced, subtly spiced, and totally mind melting. It's a beer to enjoy the day you buy it, or 2 years down the road when you need to make amends for doing something very very stupid.

Rumour has it, this beer possesses the power to facilitate forgiveness, erase memories that reflect poorly on yourself, and move mountains. Bottles are $12 each, there are just over 1800 in total, and we're limiting them to 4 per person in the hopes that more people will get a taste, but beware -- thou shall not dilly dally, or risk the consequences of an empty hand.