The Perfect Marriage

Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter

This afternoon we're releasing a beer that hasn't spent the better part of last year in oak barrels. There is no brettanomyces in it. It is not sour. But it is delicious.

Sometimes, though, it's nice just to appreciate the simple things. Like that burning ball of fire up in the sky. The fact that we're not wearing parkas anymore. Or the sale on blue Gatorade at No Frills.

We are gathered here today to witness the holy union of coconut and vanilla. A bond that began as friendship and has blossomed into a velvety, strong, Baltic Porter. And if you can believe it, the vows get even more romantic. Bitter chocolate flavours meet subtle coconut notes, with soft aromatics of organic vanilla bean like sweet nothings.

Bounty Hunter will be waiting for you in the Bottle Shop today, ready to embark upon a rich life of love and happiness.

$10 per bottle, and just under 1500 bottles total.