Toronto Beer Week

Today might feel like any old late summer Friday -- a time to unwind, make questionable junk food purchases in the name of hanger on your way home from work, and try your best to store a mental image of daylight for more wintery times -- but in fact, there's something extra special about this one. Toronto Beer Week is upon us, so for those of you who need an official name to legitimize your favourite pastime, your prayers are answered. Now, if only we could rally for Toronto Netflix Week, or Toronto Obsessively Reading About Tomato Gardening, my life would be complete.

We certainly are not the bosses of you, but we do have a couple of ideas about where you might want to end up during this exciting week, and selfishly, it's because we'll be there. There are two main events that we've got our hearts set on, and they both include draft lists that could make you weep like a poet laureate.

Up first are the annual Zwanze Day festivities at Bar Volo this Saturday September 19th, where doors open at 3:00pm. The Wild Brussels Stout will finally be released into, wild and lambic lovers in 56 locations across 17 countries will get a chance to drink this celebratory beer ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Just thinking about the level of organization necessary to pull this off makes my eye twitch return with a vengeance. Yes, for those of you suffering through the unsolicited updates keeping track of my eye twitch, it's still going strong! And if, perhaps, you wanted actual details about the subject at hand, I should mention that we'll have Farmageddon with Montmorency Cherries, Barn Owl Blend No.2, and Grandma's Boy 2014 pouring.

The second event, aptly named Greatest Hits, is happening at BarHop on Thursday September 24th. Beers start flowing at 5pm and in addition to 6 of our kegs, there'll also be top notch offerings from Amsterdam, Indie Alehouse, Sawdust City, Great Lakes, Nickelbrook, and West Avenue. Check out BarHop's facebook page for a full, drool-worthy draft list that you can pin to your wall like the photo of a teenage heartthrob.

In and around these tantalizing events we'll be brewing up a storm as per usual, working hard to uphold the almost literal image of chickens running around with their heads cut off. And whether or not you're enjoying a beer at our brewpub or any number of the events going on around town during Toronto Beer Week, we want to remind you to have fun and be safe! You don't need to make it to every party or try every offering on tap -- just choose a couple good ones and delight in the knowledge that the apocalyptic future is still in the future, and you're firmly planted in the present. (Is it totally obvious that I watched Interstellar last night?).

And we wanted to put out a different but important reminder that the brewpub and retail store will be CLOSED MONDAY SEPTEMBER 21ST for a staff party. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we also want to show our hard-working staff that we appreciate all their tireless efforts in making, serving, and selling Bellwoods beer. So get all the beers you need on Sunday to last you as far as Tuesday at 11.

May the TBW festivities begin!