Triple Threat



I can’t say for sure if it was that magically delicious beer nog that chef created for us last night, or an uncharacteristic spell of holiday cheer, but we’re feeling particularly jolly at Bellwoods this week. And why should you care about our (somewhat arbitrary) jolly dispositions? Well my brethren and sistren, because it has spurred on the decision to release not one, not two, but three beers this Friday.


Because it brings me disproportionate joy to keep the insufferable Christmas references going, I will tell you gleefully to ready your sleighs and hold onto your sugar plums, because the Bellwoods brewers elves have been working overtime. On the shelves of the retail store tomorrow, for all your drinking pleasure, we will have:

1. The 2013 edition of our holiday beer Blitzen. This Imperial Saison with lemon and plum is far better than a lump of coal!

2. Our Brett Barrel-Aged Porter Donkey Venom is in bottles for the first time ever! Reliable sources claim it’s tastier than a rotten potato!

3. And back by popular demand, Cat Lady IPA with its fancy new label will be here to delight your hoppy cravings. Eight out of nine reindeers prefer it to Pinot Noir. 

As always, our retail store (126 Ossington beside the brewpub) will be open from 11am-11pm. We hope to see you then!