Viking Grave


Thanks to Vishnu and Krishna, the gods I arbitrarily chose to pray to this morning, we had a Very Good Bottling Day. VGBD's don't happen that often around here, because, well, bottling machines are much like a toddler from hell, crying and throwing temper tantrums for no apparent reason. But the stars aligned, and luck was on our side, so it is with especially lifted spirits that I tell you we have a brand spanking new beer for all your tastebuds to receive.

Of course, some beers around here hibernate for long periods of time and we have plans for their eventual release. And then there are others, like this sessionable stout, that are literally shooting out of the bottler when it hits us (the idea, not the bottles): This thing's gonna need a name.

Naming beers can be quite difficult, and although it can take us days and weeks to agree at times, yesterday we unanimously decided that we'd like to give this beer a Mowat-inspired name. Like many Canadians who read and loved his books over the years, we were very sad to learn of his passing. In his shameless and compassionate approach to telling the stories of species across the board, he gained respect and fans. One such (super) fan is our brewer Patrick, who in addition to having read the majority of his published works, also became a penpal to Farley in the latter years of the author's life.

Did we mention that Patrick just so happens to be in the middle of a 17 day canoe trip in northern Ontario? Uh huh. When he returns he'll be happy to know that we finally, finally, named a beer after his favourite author.

Viking Grave, named after the sequel to Lost In The Barrens, is approachable and delicious, a simple stout to drink when you tire of hops or are looking for balanced malty flavour. Smooth, chocolatey, with soft fruity undertones, and a lingering burnt caramel aftertaste. It's our nod to the late Farley Mowat, a firecracker, who was unafraid to stand by his strong opinions -- and when you're in the business of making strange and creative beers -- that sort of tenacious spirit is something we strive for.

We hope you enjoy this easy-drinking stout (strange phrase, but true), and that it reminds you of that Lost In The Barrens diorama you painstakingly built in grade 7. Cheers to all the species of this world!

Bottles of Viking Grave go on sale in the Bottle Shop today, $4.50/BTL.