Weekend Update

A cool new thing I've been trying to do, as these beautiful July days rush past us in a blur, is live in the moment at least a little bit. I know, I know, how very zen of me and doesn't this declaration just make you want to throw up? Or strangle me? As my father would say, hold your horses. It's not like we're leading group meditation sessions with our brewers on the patio, chanting and sitting cross-legged (though that does sound sort of nice now that I think of it), but we are trying to savour our favourite beers a little more and swim in a lake once in a while, as we approach the end of what was a relatively stressful planning phase in our brewery expansion (Dupont update is on its way!), and our busiest time of year.

We can tell you, based on bonafide, real-life, experience, that it's very easy to charge ahead brewing, packaging, planning, and executing without every waking up to smell the roses. But you know the facts -- summer in Toronto is fleeting, life is short, and it's not everyday that Ms. Vicki's chips are on sale at Loblaw's. So while we're in our newly enlightened, carpe diem state of mind, we want to talk about a few new beers that are hitting the brewpub and bottle shop tonight and in the near future. Beers that make it that much easier to appreciate life's simple pleasures, like hops, and brettanomyces, and the magic that is fermented barley.

1. First up, is of course, Warp & Weft, and you may remember that last week we wrote a blog post all about this strange and fantastic brew. Last year's version was a berliner weisse aged for 3 months, this year's is a mixed fermentation sour ale that utilizes several strains of brett and bacteria along with saccharomyces, and was aged for 12 months in tequila barrels. You certainly don't have to like tequila to enjoy this beer because the flavours are so mellowed out and balanced, but if you hate tequila, it definitely increases the probability that you might not like this beer. Simple math, really, but also a conniving scheme to make sure that there's more for our selfish needs. It's bright, refreshing, citrusy, and perfect for summer. Bottles go on sale in the retail store today at 11am, and if you need any more details you can check out the original post here. Expect a bit of a line with this one!

2. A few weeks ago we told you that the esteemed Mike Lackey of Great Lakes was working with us on the brewhouse, and today we're excited to announce that our collaborative beer "Brettallica" is finally fermented, conditioned, and getting kegged. Released once before in 2013, this American Pale Ale is brewed with Galaxy and Mosaic hops, and fermented solely with brettanomyces lambicus. The use of brett in primary fermentation creates bold fruity and savoury aromatics, and in tandem with juicy hops you get a pale ale that's refreshing and flavourful. (A good note to remember is that primary brett fermentations produce a completely different set of aromas than those barnyardy etc. ones we're used to detecting from brett in long secondary fermentations). Delicious but never plentiful, this draft-only release will make its way into the brewpub in the next couple of days!

3. Last but most definitely not least comes Double Nelson, a new, one-off double IPA we brewed in excitement of finally receiving the long-awaited, big shipment of Nelson Sauvin. With a malt bill that varies quite a bit from our other two strong IPAs, and a focus on a hop variety we love so much, this beer is beautifully balanced and highly drinkable. Fantastic body with aromatics of cedar and pepper, bright flavours of grape, citrus, tropical fruit, and a subtle malt backbone. Drinks round, finishes dry. A limited release that's on draft and in the bottle shop now!

By punctuating the majority of the sentences in this blog post with exclamation points, I think I've made myself clear. Two new beers in one day (with a third soon to follow) is basically the epitome of Christmas in July, so hang your stockings by the fireplace or make your sister cry (whichever is the holiday tradition in your house) and get over to the brewpub to enjoy your gosh darn life.