Winter Guided Tastings

***UPDATE: All Guided Tasting dates are fully booked and/or waiting for confirmation. Bear with us as we get through the rest of the requests and add names to our cancellation list. If you've already sent us an email, we're working on a reply as quickly as we can!***

Whether or not any of us choose to be festive, the holiday avalanche of scented candles, plastic santa ornaments, and waxy chocolate is catapulting this way at dizzying speeds. December -- it's a time of extreme guilt, capitalistic contemplations, and talking smack about distant relatives in a manner you hope isn't reciprocal.

Though we do have a ton of great 'stuff-type' gifts, ie, things you wear (Tees! Sweatshirts!), things you drink (BEER!), or things you look at (Screen printed posters!), we're also opening up reservations for our winter season Guided Tastings today. These are more in line with 'experience-type' gifts, much like sky-diving or dog-sledding, except that they're way cheaper. And you get to drink beer.

Many of you have heard of these brewer-lead tastings we host, many of you have attended (about 600 people in the past year!!), and a small percentage of you have even been repeat offenders. But for those of you who were just thawed from your cryogenic slumber, let me explain in a nutshell what exactly these are: we pour you some draft samples, our brewer talks about them and our approach to making beer, mediocre attempts at jokes are made, you get to eat charcuterie and cheese and other strange delicious things that change too frequently for me to keep tabs on, and then you get to tuck into a couple reserve bottles from our cellar. It takes about an hour and a half (from 5-6:30pm), it costs $35 per person, and spots book up FAST. (Also, on a more serious note, if you actually just thawed out from several hundred years in a special ice cube, you need to try this food called Poutine, watch Tommy Boy, and accept the fact that some people put implants in their butts now, just cause they like the way it looks. That should probably get you up to 2015 speed).

We can accommodate up to 8 people per session, but you can book for as few as 1. Email with the subject header "Guided Tastings" and specify your first and second date preferences. And as the best Craigslist ads say, "serious inquiries only" -- if you book a spot and don't show up, we'll toss you into a bottomless pit so that you can spend the remainder of your life free falling like Tom Petty.

The following dates are available: December 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th. January 5th, 26th. February 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd.

Reservations open, now!