Witch Hunting

As I sit down to write this small announcement, there is currently one brewery pump, an air compressor, a bottler, and an auger competing for Loudest Noise In The World. The electricians are working on a project that definitely could enter the race, but I couldn't tell you what materials they're banging together, so it's a bit more difficult to cite. The bottles themselves are also good competition when clanking against each other, but when it comes down to it, nothing is as bad as the (now very very not-funny) joke of putting Nickelback on the overhead speakers and then walking away to go on deliveries. This madness has got to end.

Now and again in the brewpub or bottle shop, patrons express interest in Bellwoods behind the scenes. We've had many requests for tagging along on an average brew day. And in emails, I get a lot of people optimistically hoping that we'll divulge a bit more of what's to come. But I'm telling you, things might not be as glamourous as you imagine -- it's very loud, very hot, and like you, we spend a lot of some time drawing genitalia on the kitchen prep list before they arrive to start their day.

Luckily we seem to thrive on the sort of everyday chaos that might send others running, and it's out of these ashes that two familiar phoenix (there's some debate online about the correct way to pluralize 'phoenix') will rise next week. These beers aren't new, but they're two that have been away on sabbatical for quite some time: Bounty Hunter and Witchshark.

In the latter half of next week we'll be bottling our beloved Witchshark double IPA, back from the near-dead after Simcoe hops made themselves scarce, and the decadent Bounty Hunter imperial coconut + vanilla porter. And really, what could be better for 'feels like -30 degrees with windchill' than a dark beer with a shining sun and palm tree on its label?

The answer rhymes with blothing.