Witchshark Contest!



Inspired by the awesome ‘Witchshark in India’ picture sent to us by  on twitter, we’ve decided to hold a small contest! Though we’re annoyed that the Witchshark hasn’t shown up to work in a few weeks, we’re excited to receive pictures of him gallivanting around town (and the world, it seems). We’re telling ourselves this is just his rebellious phase, and when he finally tires of breaking our hearts, he’ll return to the brewery.

In the meantime, and this is where the contest begins, we’d love it if you could post a picture of the Witchshark (we sell these patches in the retail store!) out and about in the world, to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and include the hashtag: #wanderingwitchshark. Be creative and don’t worry if you don’t have a chance to get to Nepal anytime soon, caught in Toronto pictures are great too. We’ll compare all the entries (including Natasha’s!) posted until December 31st at midnight, and announce the winner in the first week of January. (Must be legal drinking age to participate).

Of course, aside from the honour of looking very strange while capturing such a photo, there is a prize! The winner (decided by a diverse panel of esteemed judges) will get to bring home a lovely four-pack of Witchshark along with a Doublenaut designed, Kid Icarus screen-printed Witchshark poster! 

So take some pictures, tell your friends, and let us worried parents know that our Witchshark is doing just fine. May the games begin!