You're Gonna Wanna Read This


If I had a nickel for every time someone wandered into the brewpub and asked me if the bottle shop was open, I’d have enough nickels to fly to Abu Dhabi with a layover in Palm Springs to get my bronze on. I’d probably even have enough nickels left over to buy a life size Arnold Swarzennegger poster with a slogan like “I’ll be back, baby” or “No pain, No gain”.

But forget the desert and an ex-body builder for a moment because I have a very important message to communicate. A message that I have trudged through a veritable slurpee of snow to deliver.

Tomorrow, January 23, the Bellwoods Bottle Shop will officially open. Yes, my nickel jar will cease to overflow, but now our hearts can take on the responsibility of brimming with joy! Yes, things are still a little ‘under construction’ if I can borrow a phrase that has been dancing around my brain like a pinball for the last 3 months, but to be honest, we have so much beer it’s coming out of our eyeballs and need to find a place to hide it (your house). 

And before a stampede of beer-thirsty zombies attempts to overtake the castle (brewery), let me lay down some specifics:

For the first three days upon opening (Wednesday Jan. 23 to Friday Jan. 25) the stores hours will be 5-11pm.

As of Saturday, we will assume regular hours, which look like the following:

Noon - 11pm EVERYDAY except Sunday, when the long arm of the law dictates that we can only be open from noon - 6pm.

Once more for those in the nosebleeds:

-Monday to Saturday (NOON TO 11PM)      - Sunday (NOON TO 6PM)

For the opening lineup and more info click here.

Let the games begin!