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dry-hopped Come What May

(in collaboration with de la senne)

Barrel aged hoppy brett ale

Dipping into the barrel aged beer we created with De La Senne over a year ago, comes a portion of Come What May that was barrel-aged for 6 additional months and includes a solid dry hop. This is more of a collab 'in spirit', as the brew day took place in 2017. The beer is finally ready now, and though Yvan couldn't make the trek this year -- it's delicious all the same.

The foundational beer is the same: a saison-like ale created without using saison yeast, achieved through several fermentations, selective brett inoculation, rustic grains, and lots of time. The update? We dry hopped this version with a combination of old world and 'new old world' hops.

What it smells like, what it tastes like: The additional time in the barrel expands an already interesting Brett induced funk and the inclusion of the dry-hop has added notes of lime zest, cut grass and a grapefruity west coast hop profile to the base beer.

ABV: 5.8