Bellwoods Brewery Donkey Venom .jpg


Brett Barrel-Aged Porter

Who knew the venom of a magical donkey would taste so good? Aged in barrels with Brettanomyces and other bugs for 3-13 months, what was once a strong porter has emerged anew. Donkey Venom presents a well-rounded range of flavours, balancing roasted malt and tart characteristics. Deceivingly drinkable for its high ABV, this tart porter is among our more unique offerings.

Batch #1: Bottled September 20, 2013.

Batch #2: Bottled August 11, 2014, with back labels to designate numbers within a sequence.

Batch #3: Bottled 2015, released November 6th of the same year.

Batch #4: Bottled 2016, released August 26th of the same year.

ABV: 9.5%

What it smells and tastes like: Showcasing a complex aroma of sour dried fruit and a complimentary tart flavour that balances subtle notes of chocolate, wood, leather, and Brett.