Goblin Sauce.png


Double dry-hopped IMPERIAL IPA w/ lupulin powder

Goblin Sauce is a huge imperial IPA that utilizes a simple pale malt bill while harnessing the unrivaled intensity of Lupulin Powder – a magical, concentrated hop potion that contains exponentially more alpha acids and way less vegetal matter than regular hop pellets. And we loved the first dry hop round so much that we decided to double up. (You know how many times you live).

But if brewing jargon fatigues you, the most important takeaway is that this beer showcases the holy trinity of what hops have to offer. The aromatics, flavours, and bitterness are all on level 11.

ABV: 8.5%

What is smells like, what it tastes like: Massive juicy aromatics and flavours of peach, mango, cantaloupe and wild berries. Soft mouthfeel with pleasant bitterness and a dry finish to balance it out.