Raspberry MilkSHARK

RAspberry milkshake ipa w/ lactose, vanilla, fruit

Milkshake beers are a strange but delicious phenomenon brewed with lactose sugar and apple pectin. They're hazy, slightly sweet, and hoppy, with a velvety mouthfeel unlike any other. Some people love them, some people consider them blasphemy – luckily they're an optional spice of life (that sell out faster than we can brew them). Plan for these awful, no good, sacrilegious beers accordingly. 

ABV: 7%

What it smells and tastes like: Raspberry Milkshark was conditioned on vanilla and huge amounts of juicy raspberries. As you might imagine, this beer is all about intense aromas of raspberry, vanilla, and tropical hops. Full-bodied and delicious.