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Single Hop Series

Our single hop series has been a delicious and interesting experiment into the diverse world of hops. Following an identical recipe but only changing one variable each time (the hop), we've been able to study the exact aromatics and flavours imparted by specific varieties.

The versions thus far:

AMARILLO: This hop variety is characterized by grassy, herbal aromatics and flavours of lemon and tea.

BRAVO: Perhaps the most subtle version of Monogamy, the American hop variety Bravo imparts a soft floral aromas and herbal flavour.

CALYPSO: This American hop variety imparts distinct fruity qualities of pear and grape.

CENTENNIAL: Refreshing grassy hop bitterness with subtle floral and tropical fruit notes.

CITRA: Pungent, intensely floral, and peppery with sharp notes of tropical fruit.

COLUMBUS: This American varietal showcases a distinct resinous hop character with notes of mandarin orange, pine, and a hint of anise.

GALAXY: With ripe peach and passion fruit flavours, Galaxy provides all the juicy goodness of the Nelson Sauvin, with the same punch as Summit.

KOHATU: An aromatic hop variety from New Zealand, notably used in our Omertá this past spring. Among the more subtle versions of our Monogamy pale ale, this Kohatu version has beautiful citrusy and floral notes.

MOSAIC: The Monogamy to trump all other Monogamies. Mosaic moved on the Bellwoods scene in early January 2014, winning us over with its great bittering capabilities, floral and earthy notes, and unique dank blueberry aromas.

Subsequent batches have revealed earthy pine and floral aromatics with notes of blueberry and tropical fruit on the palate.

NELSON SAUVIN 2013: This incredible aromatic hop variety from New Zealand has deservingly won a place in our hearts. With soft white winey and lychee flavours, Nelson Sauvin is like a sophisticated lady who likes to drink afternoon tea, but talks your ear off about how she just fixed her lawn mower with a paper clip and some aluminum foil like MacGyver.

NELSON SAUVIN 2015: This crop of Nelson Sauvin showcases dank, savoury notes with elements of white grape, pepper, and cedar. Light in malt body with lots of complexity, it drinks like a beer with several hop varieties at play!

SIMCOE: Known for producing dank and citrusy flavours, this version reminds us of a mimosa.

SORACHI ACE: A distinctly herbal hop from Japan. This version of our popular single hop pale ale showcases soft aromatics and flavours of coconut, lime, and characteristic dill.

STERLING: An interesting American hop variety commonly used in Pilsners, Sterling produces a delicate bitterness, herbal and floral aromatics, and distinct spicy flavours.

SUMMIT: This incredible aromatic hop variety from Washington state is perhaps the most unique in our series. With a strong pungency bordering on savoury, Summit showcases just how diverse the range of hop scents and flavours can span.