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Belgian Wit

This is a light refreshing ale we first brewed in the summer, but have brought back throughout the year due to popular demand. The recipe has evolved with time, and we prefer to use the traditional coriander seed and orange peel as a base for experimentation. Adding acidulated malt we created a final product with a touch more tartness than your average wit. This is definitely one of our lighter offerings at Bellwoods, and one you’ll find to be perfect on the patio in summer. Enjoy year round to evoke memories of a time when Toronto wasn’t buried in snow.

ABV: 4.8%

What it smells and tastes like: The White Picket Fence smells subtley spicy and citrusy from the Belgian yeast and coriander, and the flavours are light and clean. The high volume of wheat adds body and the flavours are subtley tart upfront, finishing with a dry aftertaste.